March 9th & 10th, 2018


General Admission Prices:

Friday: $8 for Adults, $5 for Students/Seniors (65+)

Saturday: $10 for daytime, $10 for finals only
$15 for all day wrist band, $8 for Students/Seniors

Two Day Pass: $20 for Adults; $10 for Students/Seniors

(Under 5 free)


Friday, March 9th

Middle School Competition

5:15pm- SNJ Studio of Music | Center Stage
5:35pm- Kirn Middle School | Celebration
5:55pm- Gretna Middle School 
6:15pm- Anderson Middle School | Vocal Diversity
6:35pm-7:25pm- DINNER BREAK
7:25pm- Harrisburg North Middle School | Refractions
7:45pm- Kirn Middle School | Center Stage
8:05pm- Kiewit Middle School | First Edition
8:25pm- Beadle Middle School | Show Dogs
8:45pm- Millard North Middle School | Stampede
9:05pm- Elkhorn Grandview Middle School | Grand Marquee
9:25pm- Millard North High School | Intensity | Exhibition Performance
9:50pm- AWARDS


Saturday, March 10th

High School Competition

8:45am- Elkhorn High School | Exclamation
9:05am- Millard West High School | Swing Cats
9:25am- Lincoln East High School | Elevation
9:45am- Waukee High School | Spirit
10:05am-10:15am- BREAK
10:15am- Burke High School | Onyx Ovation
10:40am- Aurora High School | Impact
11:05am- Millard South High School | Stage One
11:30am- Lincoln East High School | Elegance
11:55am- Millard West High School | Uptown Girls
12:20pm-12:50pm- LUNCH BREAK
12:50pm- Plattsmouth High School | Sapphire and Ice
1:15pm- Aurora High School | Rhapsody
1:40pm- Burke High School | Synergy
2:05pm- Wichita All-City | Flight
2:30pm- Millard South High School | South on Stage
2:55pm-3:10pm- BREAK
3:10pm- Elkhorn High School | Excel
3:35pm- Lincoln East High School | Express
4:00pm- Rock Bridge High School | City Lights
4:25pm- Millard West High School | West in the Groove
4:50pm- Waukee High School | Millennium
5:15pm- Millard North High School | Illumination | Exhibition Performance 
6:00pm-7:00pm- DINNER BREAK
7:00pm- Finalist #1
7:25pm- Finalist #2
7:50pm- Finalist #3
8:15pm- Finalist #4
8:40pm- Finalist #5
9:05pm- Finalist #6
9:30pm- Millard North High School | Infinity | Exhibition Performance